Gloria Deo Academy (or "GDA" as its students call it) is a Classical Christian school with three campuses located in Springfield, Joplin, and Nixa, MO. My goal with this rebrand was to modernize and professionalize the look and feel of the Academy, while concurrently emphasizing its mission to provide "Christian, Classical, Collaborative Education for the Glory of God the Father." 
I kept the original school colors (purple and gold)—which represent academic rigor and excellence—in order to preserve the link between the old brand and the new. For this rebrand project, I created a new logo, visual elements based on the logo, and a typeface inspired by the basic shape of pillar capitals from Classical Antiquity. Additionally, I designed a promotional poster, social media graphics for Instagram and Facebook, a business card, a home page, relevant merchandise, and an animated version of the logo. 
This project was a blast. 
Ready to shine?

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